Hydro-isolation and rehabilitation of old structures

HIO-technology® is the only method of permanentprotection from capillary moisture which doesn’t decrease stability and construction of the facilities by completely cutting their walls.


HIO-technology® is a unique technological innovation, an authentic Serbian brand which we developed and perfected 20 years ago, and implemented in more than 260 churches and hundreds of other capital structures as well as in hundreds of family buildings in the country and abroad.

HIO-master barrier® shape and its implementation method are patented, HIO-master barrier® and HIO-technology® are protected trademarks.


More than 400 churches and hundreds of other significant structures in the country and abroad have been permanently protected by HIO-technology® from devastating effects of capillary moisture , most of which are historical monuments. Family buildings are our important focus group to which we dedicate special attention, and satisfied owners of hundreds of buildings are the best advocates of our HIO-technology®.

About us

We have been protecting old building structures from capillary moisture since 1983, when Stevan Oberknežev founded his first company “HIO-HidroIzolacija Oberknežev“. After 15 years of experience in work with handsaws and bitumen insulation, in 1997 Stevan started development of the new, revolutionary HIO-technology®. In cooperation with an outstanding team of operatives which gave their suggestions for its implementation improvements, the technology has been completely perfected by the middle of the 1998. Soon enough, it became an all-inclusive protection system of old building structures from capillary moisture. Nowadays, our company operates in the entire region, with our companies in Serbia, Hungary and Romania, with more than 400 churches and hundreds of significant referent objects. Today, our technical proficiency and workload capacity make us completely qualified for doing business on the EU market.

We have been building our reputation of a reliable business partner from the bare beginning. Cooperation with architects in each phase of rehabilitation project development, Client assistance before, during and after performed works, high technical equipment, top-trained operatives and more than anything our moto „once for good“, all these are quality parameters we are recognized after.