Benefits of HIO-technology®

  • The unique hydro-isolation method which doesn’t endanger the stability of the structure by completely cutting its walls;
  • Permanent protection of old building structures from capillary moisture and underground waters;
  • Structures rehabilitated using HIO-technology® have significantly increased energetic efficiency (incomparably more energy is used for warming up moist, cold walls);
  • Massive walls of two, three, five and more meters of thickness, made out of any building materials are cut easely without any limitations;
  • Cutting is performed with diamond cutting tools with minimum amount of noice and vibrations;
  • cut in the wall is barely noticeable;
  • Mass of extraordinary adhesion is injected into the cut as a binding material, which together with HIO-master barrier® forms a new coupling resistant to seizmic disorders;
  • Implementation time requirements are incomparably shorter when compared to all the other methods;
  • The prices are competitive with other hydro-isolation methods;